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orlando escape room

You and your team are sent in to investigate after the town’s lead detective goes missing. Can you pick up where he left off and help solve this mystery? Time is of the essence. Remember Mr. Green is never late.

You and your friends unlock an ancient curse and find yourselves trapped aboard the ship. Can you find the secret and end the curse or are you doomed to swab the decks with the rest of the lost souls?

The last train to Santa Fe leaves in one hour. You and your team must escape your cells, snag the loot and skip town. You have 60 minutes to get outta dodge or your gun slinging’ days are over.

While in space during a simple extraction mission, you and your crew find yourself stranded on a lost ship. Something is wrong, this is not just a simple mission, and you most definitely are not alone…

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While trekking through the rain forest you and your fellow archaeologists uncover the ruins of an ancient civilization. Could this be the city that legend tells of? Are you destined to find the artifact? Time will only tell.